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The Farting Contest

Date: 10/13/2017 | Category: Butt Crush

The Farting Contest
About the animation

This is my biggest animation so far, more than 22 minutes and 1,27 GB! Dedicated to all my supporters on https://www.patreon.com/gtsfetish who were very anxious to see this animation finished.

This animation comes with a special surprise too, VOICE ACTING. Hearing the girls laughing and talking with that sweet voices while the guy is being dominated is the best thing I've ever experienced as a developer and watcher too! The voice acting is in japanese.


An evil boy loves to torture and bully these little girls at school, but one day, something very strange made the boy shrink! Now, the girls will finally have their revenge, with the boy in that size, they will do a farting contest on him and other things like spitting in his face too.

The boy can't say NO and can't disrespect the girls anymore, otherwise he will shrink even more, this is stated by the misterious person who shrinks him. Now the girls have a slave, each time he says NO, he shrinks more, they will use this fact to do anything they want with the boy.

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