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Schoolgirls Bullying the Bullies

Date: 04/24/2018 | Category: Butt Crush
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Schoolgirls Bullying the Bullies
This school opened vacancy for new classes and in the first day, the new school girls met Katie and her friends, but they aren`t friendly, actually Katie and her friends are very mean and they love to bully other girls. Julie and Rachel are the new school girls, they may be smaller, but they still have the `shrink juicy` in their hands.

They used the shrink juicy only in the kidnappers in the past, but this time, they will be so angry with Katie and her friends and they will use the shrink juicy again to torture the bulliers by sitting and farting on them. A teacher will be tortured too, because he was in Katie`s side.

The animation is divided in 3 files and has 20 minutes, one of my biggest animations so far, like The Farting Contest for example.

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