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The Buttcrush Game

Date: 10/24/2018 | Category: Butt Crush

The Buttcrush Game
For a misterious reason, a girl called Karmen has a box with a lot of tiny humans inside it. She decided to use these tinies to do a game. To participate in the game, the player needs to pay 5 dollars. The objective of the game is to make the tiny human cum, if the player manages to do that, the player wins a special prize: the tiny human. But, what the player can do with the tiny human? Well, since the tinies are properties of the winners, the winners can do whatever they want.

Karmen recommends to use the butt on the tinies, and to fart on the tiny humans too because they seem to like this kind of fetish (maybe due to their sizes, they are used to like such things), so, all girls will fart on the tinies too, some will do other things.

The full animation is divided in two parts (A and B) and it has 18:32 minutes.


February 21th, 2022: Added a male edition, now, you can see the same animation but the tinies are men instead of women.



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