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Sherry vs Killer

Date: 04/24/2019 | Category: Butt Crush

Sherry vs Killer

Sherry has been kidnapped by this killer, then, this killer receives orders to kill her and she tries to escape. The killer will run and try to capture Sherry and she will try to protect herself. Who will win this fight?

Well, as you can see on the image, Sherry won, she threw a poison on the killer and he shrunk. While the killer complains and threat Sherry, she will fart on his face and laugh and he will shrink much more.

About the animation

I tried to do something (including some history elements) based on the game, I added some sounds and voice acting from the game too.

It`s an animation I tried my best to focus on realism, I used a more realistic shader on this one and you will find the same animation with another shader, tell me which is the best on your opinion.



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