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Clark shrinking history

Date: 03/12/2020 | Category: Butt Crush
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Clark shrinking history
So, this is the history about how Clark shrunk and the animation will be added to the game, but you can see it here while I finish the game. Since the game is taking awhile to be finished, I decided to release some stuff for you, sorry for being so slow during the game development.

Animation history

Someone enters the classroom and tell about the fight between Hinata and Brad. Clark discovers that Brad lost the fight to Hinata and quickly go there to help him, but Clark shrinks too for the same reason Brad shrunk (something in the sewer is making students smaller).

When Hinata discovers Clark`s situation, she knows he has a fetish for farts, and decides to fart on him again as an attempt to make him more calm while they think about how to solve that situation. Hinata eats Clark`s fishes too since she was hungry and to fart more on his face too.

Clark will not say no, because he loves her.

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