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School Defenders

Date: 11/26/2020 | Category: Femdom

School Defenders
Requirements: Windows or Macintosh

Game History: It was a normal day at school, Hinata arrived early to study to the exams but Brad, the new boy will bully the girls, but this is by far the less of their problems, since the true enemy is watching them all and planning to invade and dominate all humans.

Arrows or W,A,S,D: Move
Arrow UP: Jump
Arrow Down: Crouch
Spacebar: Interact / Talk to others
A: High Kick
S: Punch
D: Lower Kick
K: Save your progress
ESC: Windowed mode
CTRL+F: Return to fullscreen


11/26/2020 - Published

For supporters and former supporters

If you don`t have enough points to open the game, but you subscribed me on 2020 at least 1 time, contact me to receive the game, send me a message here: https://www.clica.net/newmessage/hentai3d or in my email.

This is the finished game, the timeline is completed, but I will still do updates like adding new fatalities, new endings, new humiliations, and new characters too. Unlocking the game here, will grant you access to all these updates for free.



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