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March 24th, 2022 - Sakura crushing a roach for Syaoran Li (Animation coming soon)

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Sakura crushing a roach for Syaoran Li (Animation coming soon)
Besides the requests I have in queue, this is one of the upcoming animations too, it was an idea I had some time ago. Syaoran Li got Sakura's cards and refuses to return the cards to her, so, she goes to his house to request the cards back, but he says no and asks her to leave. Some minutes then, Syaoran sees a big roach in his room, freaks out and falls on Sakura's lap. Sakura always had a suspicion about Syaoran, and now with the way he freaks out seeing that roach, just confirmed to Sakura that she was right about him since the beginning. After confirming that Syaoran Li is gay, she will propose to crush the poor roach for him in exchange he returns the cards to her, it's not her nature to be evil even with a bug, but she will do this to calm down her new gayfriend now.

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